Journey Into Wellness

There are events and experiences in our lives over which we have little or no control.  The stresses we experience are part of being human.  We can learn to live within the events by finding meaning, making choices, and using them to move forward strengthened and informed.

When we are burdened, it is difficult to engage fully in life.  It is at such times that we need to pause and redirect our attention to the healing of mind, body and spirit. Professional support enhances this journey to wellness and direction.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I offer outpatient behavioral health counseling in Wyomissing, PA. My counseling is delivered with care in a confidential and safe environment. I see each person as a unique individual.

My Approach in Counseling

I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral, Reality, and Positive Psychology to help you understand and reach your desired goals. I offer you tools to enhance your insights and decision making.  I present methods of focusing and discerning such as mindfulness, guided imagery, and meditation. I partner with you to develop life long approaches and tools for positive living.

I work with adolescent and adult individuals, couples and families within the framework of 60 minute sessions.  With your permission, I communicate with physicians and educators as needed in order to have a team approach.

I am also available for guest speaking, workshops, training and retreats.

Deciding on Professional Counseling

I am sensitive to the concerns that arise in deciding to pursue Professional Counseling.  I am available for phone consultation to discuss your concerns and questions and whether counseling is right for you.  I encourage you to contact me by phone or email.  Visit my website frequently to read articles and blogs of interest to your wellbeing.

Most insurances are accepted.

I believe the journey towards wellness involves addressing the negative messages and belief systems that interfere with living fully then recognizing and embracing the valuable strengths within you.